Website Creation

Website Development


As a company experienced in the development of professional websites and portals, Unykvis creates dynamic, interactive and easy-to-upgrade projects, allowing companies to create an important milestone in a world in which potential customers increasingly decide through the analysis of corporate websites.

As a communication agency, Unykvis seeks to unite technological competencies with the creativity and design from which a totally modular design and adapted to its requirements arises.

App Development

App Development


We develop web and mobile applications.
Together with our clients we integrate applications with software, customize applications for the management of databases, e-commerce or even communication between companies and service areas.

With an integrated solution, it is noticeable to increase productivity and reduce costs in software, thus allowing an increase in sales volume and optimization of methods.

Web-enabled application development is becoming more common these days. More and more companies are investing in Web applications such as Intranets, Extranets, Social Networks, B2C Portals, B2B Portals and E-Commerce Portals.

Logo Design

Logo Design


The existence of a logo makes all the difference in that it is the most visible graphic representation of the brand. This powerful communication element has a very unique dimension, linking the personality of the brand. It should be applied to all graphics parts of the company, following a visual pattern that makes it recognizable wherever it is applied.

From this philosophy, Unykvis designs, creates and implements integrated design and communication solutions aimed at enhancing the image notoriety of its customers by enhancing its brand.

Vales Indústria 4.0

Vales Indústria 4.0


Vale Indústria 4.0 aims to promote digital transformation through the adoption of technologies that allow disruptive changes in Micro and SME business models, such as the contracting of e-commerce sites or factory management software to certified providers.

These vouchers have the unit value of 7500 euros, should support more than 1500 companies and represent a public investment of 12 million euros. The incentive takes the form of Simplified Valleys, with a unit value of 7500 euros.

Unykvis is the entity duly accredited to be your technology partner, to accompany you and ensure that you do not miss this opportunity to modernize your company.

Portugal 2020

The best partner for your business

Portugal 2020


Unykvis is an accredited company to provide services under the Simplified Vouchers in the areas of Innovation, Research and Technological Development (R & D), Internationalization and Entrepreneurship, under Portugal 2020.

In addition to the vast experience in projects and certifications that we currently have, Unykvis is now accredited to develop consulting services in the following lines of financing:

- Innovation;
- Investment and Technological Development (R & TD);
- Internationalization;
- Entrepreneurship;

Tailor-made solutions to provide you with the best and unique solutions!

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